Who am I?

Kindfu, is a joint word which means ‘full of kindness”.



I chose this name because it sounds similar to my Chinese name, Kai Fu. It is to mark an expression of the charity works I’ve done so far. After meeting the Dalai Lama in 2010, I feel like there is a need to dedicate my life for the good of others. As a freelance designer, I’m intrigued by all sorts of creativity, whether it’s a handmade tote bag or a soap. I’m in love with the creativity from nothing to something. The creation process is my passion especially after my cancer treatments, I felt the need to create something holistic that can help to take care of our body and mind. The range of Kindfu products will help in mindfulness training (Cross-stitching Notebook) and body through aromatherapy, in future I hope to establish a range of health supplements like turmeric and tea that can help to boost our immune system. All of my work, I hope will lead to a social enterprise, when I employ local underprivileged mothers or single mothers to produce my products and part of the profits will help to fund the charity projects based in Chiang Mai.

Timeline of my charity endeavors

2011 – I adopted a child from Cambodia on my birthday from to mark the 31st birthday.

2012 – I walked 375km from Bangkok to Burma to raise $4,300 dollars for anti-human trafficking on my 32nd birthday

2012 - I’ve found gift back movement to encourage people to transform their birthday gifts into charity donations for the cause they believed in.

2012 - During the Dalai Lama South-east Asia teaching, a group of my friends and me raised 108,000 Rupees and donation items from food to stationary to TCV Lakdah.

2013 – I raised money through friends and relatives to build a new dream house for the stateless children near the Thai Burmese Border, who are prone to human trafficking. (Starfish foundation)

2013 – I’ve volunteered with starfish foundation for 1 week to build the school.

2013 – During my cancer treatments, I raise around SGD$4,000 for cancer children foundation. An organization who improve the lives of children with cancer and their families. Helping children impacted by cancer through enhancing their emotional, social and medical well-being

2014 – 34th Birthday gift back – 34 good deeds and one involve a charity concert that raised over $3000 to support mulberry learning center, providing education for Burmese migrant children in Thailand.

2015 – I wrote a book, Monk Key based on my cancer treatment experience, and for one book sold one will be donated to a cancer patient.

Donated 200 Monk Key books to Kampong Senang to raise fund caring for cancer patient through a holistic approach.

Aug – Nov 2016 – I’ve volunteered 3 months with an NGO, on helping the migrant workers children.

Nov 2016 – I’ve created 18 x 2 (36th) birthday campaign. Converting 18 birthday presents into charitable acts to celebrate my 36th Birthday, celebrating 2 birthdays in one deed.

Nov 2016 – I’ve volunteered with an NGO, Child’s dream on a holiday camp as a facilitator and was invited to speak on achieving my dream job. I’ve also worked with Mekong Embrace by raising money to buy food rations for the underprivileged living on the mountains suffering from the harsh winter.

Dec 2016 – Collecting hand-knitted scarves and beanies from local knitting community in Singapore for the orphanage in northern Thailand

Dec 2016 – Winter donations. I’ve initiated to get donations like food and winter clothing for the hill tribes. Working closely with an NGO, Mekong Embrace

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